The one commandment that begins with "Remember" has been forgotten

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Sabbath TV commercial
you can air.  Get the details.

If we support the Ten Commandments, should we not include the Sabbath?



Andrews Study Bible


Study notes are designed to gut our religion



Sounds exciting...a study Bible and from our seminary.  But we live in new-age times.




Above:  Revelation 13 and the first beast is all about the papacy, including 666 in verse 18, but the conference guts our religion.



Above:  Revelation 14.  The conference has an opportunity to share the three angels messages, to explain them, but chooses to leave
people in the dark in order to protect the papacy.  


Above:  Revelation 17 and no mention of the papacy


The new organization EGW spoke of would have "books of a new order."
"Storm and tempest" would sweep away that structure.





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