The one commandment that begins with "Remember" has been forgotten

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If we support the Ten Commandments, should we not include the Sabbath?



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The Letter the Nad Officers did not Publish in the Issues Book
No New Organization
None Dare Call It Apostasy
To Ordain or Not to Ordain
Financing God's Last Army  (
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The Tithe Problem: Who is Responsible?
Issues:  The Real Issue, The Side Issues, and the Pseudo Issues


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Prophetic Parallels - The late Pastor Terry Ross discloses present-day truth and substantiates his claim that we are passing through a time which parallels the time of Christ and His disciples.  This study, taken from the heart of The Desire of Ages, does in verity the same work that Jesus did when He walked this earth and the situation of "the church" in His day was the mirror of our own.

Prophetic Parallels  
Prophetic Parallels





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